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What did Jesus do?

November 24, 2009

Although anyone can benefit from the information below, it is written specifically for leaders.  If you are a leader in any organization you will benefit from this information.  However, it is more specifically for church leaders, because our heart at eMinistries is to promote church growth and encourage ministry potential. 

Remember when the “What would Jesus Do?” phenomenon hit the scene?  It was a great way for people to share that they tried to do what Jesus would do in their everyday lives. But, the question arises, “How do we know what Jesus would do?”  The only way for us to know what Jesus would do is to know what he did. 

What did Jesus do?  That question is huge and can cover many facets of life and ministry.  For this article, I want to just focus on one thing that I think makes everything else Jesus did, significant.  This will seem simple when you read it, but stay with me, because the implications are tremendous.  You ready for this?  Jesus went where the people were.   Matthew 9:35 is one scriptural example, of many, that bear this truth out.  It says, “Then Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every sickness and every disease.”  Notice, he had a routine of going into the cities and villages, and going into their synagogues.  This was where the people were.

Simple, right?  And yet, how often are we doing our own thing and wanting people to come where we are?  All too often we hide in our offices, behind our four walls and are totally missing out on the huge opportunities to reach the masses of people that need our message.  Now, let’s be clear, we have the best message in the world:  Redemption for all mankind.  This include, Forgiveness, Restoration, Healed Marriages, Healed Bodies, and Financial Peace, just to name a few.  There is not a person on the planet that is not looking for one or more of all of the things that Jesus does for people.  Truly, we have no reason to be ashamed of the message we bring.

Then the question arises (and this is the crux of this article):  Where are the people?  Have you ever heard someone say that, when the crowd was low on a Sunday morning?  I have heard it, and asked it myself.  So, let me propose something that you may have not thought of before.  The people are where you are… right now.  Where are  you?  In front of a computer screen?  Or maybe on the other end of a cell phone?  I don’t know the exact count, but do you realize that most people in America today own a personal computer, hooked up to the internet and/or a cell phone?  This is the major way we communicate in the 21st Century. 

This brings up another question:  In what way are you going to where the people are?  Do you or your church have a Facebook Page?  Are you on Twitter?  How interactive is your website?  Do you have a blog?  When was the last time you wrote on it?  When you do write on it, do you send out a link on your Facebook page for all to see?  Does your church routinely send out text messages about upcoming meetings?  When was the last time you updated  your church records and made sure you had cell phone numbers?  Did you ask them if you can text them occasionally? 

Now, we can complain that people are too busy on their cell phones and computers, or we can “Do what Jesus did,” and go where the people are.  Let me give you a couple of great ideas that you can implement for very little money (if any at all), and using very little time. 

  • Let’s say you are in a series at church, so you know what you will be preaching on next Sunday.  What if you put little posts up on your Twitter account every day, from Monday through Saturday, that led into your message on Sunday?  You could post scripture references that you will expound upon during Sunday’s message, or you could post quotes that relate to your subject matter.  This could do a number of things for your Sunday services.  It could prepare your congregation for what’s coming, so they are more receptive (that’s always nice, right?).  It could increase attendance (let me say that again); It could increase church attendance!  How?  First of all, it is keeping your message in front of your people, so they are reminded not to miss church.  Also, by doing so, it is encouraging them to invite people who would benefit from what you will be ministering on.
  • Another idea, and this relates to the first one, is to use text messaging to your advantage.  Have you ever had special meetings and you did not have the crowd that you were expecting?  Do you realize that sometimes this is because the only advertising we are doing is during Sunday morning announcements, and we expect people to remember that all week.  If you have cell phone numbers, you could text your people a short reminder about the upcoming special event.  This can be done in mass.  One text reaching a multitude of people.

What did Jesus do?  He went to where the people were.  By doing this, he was much more effective in his ministry.  So, with all the technology that is available today, lets do what we can to reach the people.  Use it for the kingdom and go to where the people are… right where you are… right now….  

Here at Edwards Ministries we thrive on brainstorming and thinking a little outside the box.  Especially when it comes to helping churches grow and flourish.  We have many more ideas and thoughts on these matters.  If there is any way we can help you reach your community, or if  you need assistance in setting up the things discussed in this article, don’t hesitate to ask.  God Bless you! 😀

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