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Is Healing for Today?

Is Healing For Today? by Dane Edwards

As I am writing this month’s article, I am trying to watch the memorial service for Oral Roberts at the same time. I don’t credit myself with being very good at multi-tasking, but since this article is about healing for today, and Reverend Roberts is unquestionably the most notorious healing evangelist of this modern era, I feel this is dual task is do-able. Oral Roberts was known for a few key phrases throughout his lifetime, like, “God is a good God,” “Something Good is Going to Happen to You,” and “Expect a Miracle!” Even today these phrases are seen and heard throughout the university campus that bears his name. Videos, Television Broadcasts, and written paraphernalia carry those phrases regularly to this day. So, what made Oral so confident in God to make such bold statements? Are these statements still true today? And, as the title of this article says, “Is healing for today?”

As I am watching this memorial service, I am noticing all the well known ministers throughout the audience. Many of these men were directly affected by Rev. Roberts’s ministry. More importantly, most of them were impacted directly by the God that Oral Roberts served. You see, it wasn’t Oral Roberts who came up those great phrases that ignited faith and inspired hope in the hearers. It was God. God gave Oral Roberts these phrases, and Oral simply replayed them for multitudes to hear. Much of what we call common in ministry today was pioneered by men like Oral Roberts. When Christian television was unheard of, Billy Graham, and Oral Roberts were broadcasting large revival meetings on national television, and impacting entire cities for God. Many of the men of God, in the audience of his memorial, carry out their ministries inspired by Oral’s audacity to proclaim what God told him.

Oral said the most important thing he had learned in life was to obey God. His obedience to say what God told him brought about great miracles and life-changing healings throughout the world. Not only did they cause great healings at the given moment, but that obedience has lived on for decades since. This is how we know it was of God. What God does, lives on. God’s Words can’t be stopped. He said in Isaiah 55 that His Word won’t return to Him without accomplishing the thing it was sent for. What we are finding out is that what God says has much farther reaching affects than we realize at the given moment. Why did Oral say, “Something Good is going to happen to you?” Because God told him it would,and in turn, he told us. We believed it. It is still reaching the world today.

Now let’s address this question, “Is healing for today?” Maybe a better question might be, “Has God changed?” According to Malachi 3:6, God says of Himself that He does not change. In Hebrews 13:8, we find that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. Is God the same today as Oral Roberts knew him to be? I dare say He is even better than we think, and Oral is finding that out just now, in heaven. But back on earth, does God still perform miracles? I believe He does. We could look through numerous scriptures and prove theologically that it is still God’s will to heal today. But, rather, let’s just look at our own recent past, and see the example set before us. What God did for and through Oral Roberts, He is still doing today. We must know God this same way.

Now, a new question arises, “Am I hearing from God, and saying what He is telling me?” If so, I believe we will find, like Oral Roberts did, that healing is most definitely for today, for God has not changed. We can look through the Bible (and I encourage you to do so), but we can also look to a very current predecessor and see the character of God. Is healing for today? Look no further than your own TV set where Rev. Roberts tent meetings, TV shows, and current programs are still airing (you may need to change the channel) and you can see that God heals, is healing, wants to heal, and is looking for those who will take Him at His Word to heal, today.

As I conclude watching the Oral Roberts Memorial, I am inspired to continue what was begun just a few short years before I was born. No, I don’t plan to go on TV, or build a university (yet…).  However, I am positioning myself  to hear from God what He wants to say to my generation, and expecting Him to do miracles. In the mean time, don’t be surprised if you hear me say, “Expect a Miracle,” for “God is a good God,” therefore, “Something good is going to happen to you!” God bless you, Granville Oral Roberts, and those like you, who showed us what God is like, and what He wants to do in our generation.

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